How to become a member?

Membership of the Association is open to companies, organisations and individuals carrying on business in Sabah and subscribe to the objects and abide by the Constitution, rules, by-laws and regulations of Sabah Tourist Association.

Members are entitled to vote at all General Meetings, be eligible for election to the General Committee and to hold office.


  1. One time Entrance fee = RM200.00 per company, organization or individual.

  2. Annual Subscription Fee for each category of trade is listed below :
    1. Accommodation RM 300.00
    2. Restaurant & Entertainment RM 300.00
    3. Transportation RM 300.00
    4. Tours & Travel Agency RM 300.00
    5. Spa, Health & Wellness RM 300.00
    6. Shopping RM 300.00
    7. Diving RM 300.00
    8. Golfing RM 300.00
    9. Destination & Attraction RM 300.00
    10. Other Tourism Related RM 300.00

  3. Every Member can choose a Trade category which best describe the nature of their business. If a member has two or more trades, and would like them to be listed, additional subscription fee applies for each additional classification.

Complete the following form and return to
Download STA's Membership Application Form (.doc) (File size: 70 KB)
Download STA's Membership Application Form (.pdf) (File size: 217 KB)

Note: Adobe Reader is required to open the membership application form.