Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is: "We Unite, We Serve, and We Achieve !!"

Our Objectives

  1. To promote, develop, improve and encourage tourism, tourist trades and all other means and ways of attracting tourists, travelers and others to Sabah in particular, and to Malaysia in general.

  2. To encourage, persuade and advise residents of other States in Malaysia and residents of neighboring countries and elsewhere to spend their holidays in Sabah.

  3. To encourage and assist within the means of the Association, the improvement of accommodation, catering, entertainment, transport, tours and other related amenities for tourists, visitors, and others on holiday in Sabah and to promote the demand for handicrafts and other products made in Sabah.

  4. To promote and stimulate an interest in Sabah among tourists, travelers, tour operators, hoteliers, travel agencies and others by publishing in travel brochures, magazines, newspapers, leaflets and other mass media, photographs of and articles on places of interest to tourist, holiday-makers and others.

  5. To publish, print, circulate, sell or otherwise distribute gratuitously, handbooks, leaflets, guidebooks, magazines and other kinds of publication plus color slides and other related materials calculated to promote directly or indirectly any of the objects of the Association.

  6. To seek, encourage and promote voluntary co-operation and co-ordination in all matters pertaining to publicity on tourism, tourist trades, travels and other related matters.

  7. To guide, advise and assist members in matters pertaining to tourism, tourist trades, exhibitions or travels and other matters within the scope of the objects of the Association.

  8. To guide, advise and assist tourists, travelers, tour operators, travel agencies and others in all matters pertaining to travel documents, customs, immigration, places of interests, accommodation, transport and other similar problems normally encountered by tourists by disseminating information and answering their enquiries.

  9. To advise and assist the Government and other local authorities or bodies in all matters with regard to the promotion and development of tourism, tourist trades and amenities and the publicity thereon.

  10. To canvas for and collect advertisements for any or all the publications of the Association to defray the cost of such publications.

  11. To promote and foster general welfare of members and to enlist their active co-operation and assistance whenever necessary in carrying out all or any of the objects of the Association.

  12. To organize and hold luncheon, dinner and other functions for members and their guests.

  13. To hold, organize and conduct meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions or lectures on matters and problems in connection with any of the objects of the Association and to participate in all or any such meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions or lectures organized by other organizations or Government authorities.

  14. To establish and maintain contact with Tourist Association and similar organizations in Malaysia and Overseas and to subscribe to or become a member or an affiliate of such organizations.

  15. To employ and pay for the services of an Executive Secretary and other staff members as they are necessary to carry out the activities of the Association.

  16. To receive and accept subscriptions, donations, grants, and other moneys from members, the Government and others and to apply the amounts received or derived for the purpose of carrying out all or any of the objects of the Association, payment of rent, repairs, staff salaries and all necessary expenses in maintaining and running the office of the Association.