Sabah Young Tourism Ambassadors First Trip, Green Connection

Well hello friends! How has your February been so far? I'm sure everyone had a good start to this month of lala-love ;)

We here at STA had a great one, as we welcomed the new month with our first SYTA trip to Green Connection (click  to find out more) together with the finalists of SYTA. We arrived at about 10.20am and immediately started our day tour. Our guide for the day was Mr.Eric Yu, the acting Head of Education. A very friendly person, who has a vast knowledge of sea creatures and wildlife. 

Eric in action ;D

The tour began with the introduction of a little reptile friend, a Plumbeous Water Snake! 

Mildly venomous but according to Eric there is an antidote, rejoice! All is not forsaken. Next up was the Cave Fauna, a small man made cave with posters of various caves found throughout Malaysia and the type of insects we can expect to see inside it... now everyone say, "eeeewww~"... KIDDING! hehe.

Next up, the fishes! The tanks were a little gloomy (if you know what I mean) because it was already cleaned but fishes gotta do what they gotta do :p 

A variety of fishes of all sizes can be found in the aquariums.

Eric talking about the fish habitat and behaviours.

We had a friendly reptile to hang with us as well, or in my case, to scare me! FYI, not a huge fan of snakes and everything that falls in the same category. 

Meet Axel.

Le sssssnake~

What happens if Precious and Axel were put together? Lets just say, I will never do it again. Hmm.


We then went along to see the turtles, and more of the fish tanks. We had a fun time playing the "How many Nemo-like fish types can you spot?" in the round tank. Photos below.

Before the tour ended, we were treated to a fish feeding show, whereby a member of the Green Connection staff swam in a huge tank and fed the stingrays, fishes, turtles and shark.

According to Eric, these fishes travel in a circular motion. Their like a bus that goes from end to end, and repeats the same path every time.

Taking the No Shark Fin soup pledge. Boy, this was funny. :D


SYTA ambassadors & Gang :)

The tour ended with the last section of the aquarium, starfishes and a few other shelled creatures section. 

Bye-bye Green Connection, it was a very educational tour. Special thanks to Mr.Eric Yu, once again, for being an awesome guide. :)

Eric Yu

Acting Head of Education at

Aquatica Aquarium &

Discovery Centre Sdn Bhd

Kompleks Badan Sukarela

Lorong Bunga Matahari 2

Batu 2, Jalan Tuaran, Likas

88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Mobile: +6016 823 3850


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