Rafting with Fastream Rafting, Sabah Young Tourism Ambassadors & Finalists

On the 11th of February 2012, SYTA ambassadors and finalists went on a little adventure! We headed all the way to Kiulu for some crazy fun activities, which included rafting, flying fox and paintball. However, I'll be sharing with you more about the rafting activity we did. Our rafting was sponsored by Fastream Rafting, thank you Fastream!!!! :)

So the usual drill, journey began early around 7.30am as we depart from our pick-up points. After we got everyone, we left at 8am and arrived in Kiulu around 9. Rafting was the last activity for the day, it started at 12. As we got all geared up, everyone was excited seeing as the water currents on that day looked pretty great especially for a Level 1 and 2 rafting site.

Briefing before the expedition began :D


One last group photo before we begin!

Shortly after briefing, we began the road to teaching Precious how to swim! *blows trumpet*

Fact about Precious: she does not know how to swim... AT ALL. Even with a LIFE JACKET ON! Dead serious about that, hehe. I  reckon I'd be the last reliable person to help anyone when it comes to being in the sea, etc. Regardless, our journey started off being bumpy and soon enough as expected, the weather changed and it began drizzling.

The gang! Marissa, Grolina, Chloe and myself. :)

Chloe still managed a big smile, after we got stuck on a rock. Lost track of how many times it happened though. hehe

Ladylike pose with Grolina, trying to look cool eventhough we were getting  really exhausted. 

Despite the exhaustion, we weren't slowing down. In fact, our guide made us row even faster! The rain started pouring heavily by then, making it all the more fun, quoting our guide, "Lagi kuat tu hujan, lagi siok ne!". Which in English, literally means, the heavier the rain, all the more fun we'll have rafting. hahaha

We reached the resting point, where our rafters, (there were two boats used that day), stopped and parked us on the side. Here we had a little bit of fun, and got in the water. It was freezing cold, but nice at the same time. We were even asked if we wanted to do body rafting, which we didn't do at first but did so at the end of our journey. More on that later.

body rafting on the side.

Queenie and Nicholas, clearly Nicholas is happy.

Nicholas and James already soaking themselves up before finishing the trip.

The journey towards the end was superb, I can't count how many times we almost slipped in the boat... all in the name of good fun! We had an awesome guide for our boat, friendly and easy to get along with. You would not regret going with Fastream Rafting. Funny guys, and both teams were competitive, splashing each other while racing to the ending point. A very memorable day I must say, I don't regret swimming (or rather walking? trying to walk?) in the water. :)

Grolina and Josia, the crazy duo who got me into the water! Loved it girls! ;D

Happy faces after completing an hour plus of fun in the rivers of Kiulu!

Marissa, Nicholas, James, Queenie, Jesseca.

Among the earliest to land. Great experience!

Once again, thank you Fastream Rafting! :)

photos courtesy of Marissa Wong

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