Flying Fox with Zip Borneo (Asia Ability)

The ambassadors/finalists, after arriving in Kiulu.

Saturday, 11th February 2012.

After arriving in Kiulu, we started out our day trip with the Flying Fox activity, which was hosted by Zip Borneo (Asia Ability). Initially, I found the idea of hanging in the air a daunting task, but then again, it's not like its my first time. (wow, I sound so confident)

Or so I thought.

Before Alex, our guide, briefed us, we actually went around the site and had a look at the activity ground. When I saw a really, REALLY tall tower, I knew in my heart I wanted to be the first one to go. Mainly because I was scared, and wanted the adrenaline rush. (all the while having thoughts of how it would be super awesome if I could just fly and stay afloat in the air, childish but yes, it just seems so cool to fly!) ;)

Marissa & I fooling around.

The extremely tall tower I was talking about *cringe*

Then we gathered at point 1, as Alex calls it, where she began the safety procedure briefing. Apparently there was such a thing as size for the safety gear, because earlier on, we were joking with Adrian of District 21 paintball, that the safety gears are a one-size fits all type. It proved to be a wrong theory. There are sizes for those who are slightly bigger than average, as well as for children. So remember, do ask for sizes if you are unsure :)

Can't recall what were laughing about, hmm *thinking*

Alex! :)

Demonstrating how to wear the safety gears, etc

Of course after briefing was done, we geared up and took turns to go on the tower. I was among the first to go, feeling all giddy and nervous while climbing up the flight of stairs. The walk was a mini workout, I got so dizzy by the time we reached the top. Initially I wanted to be  the first one to go, but decided otherwise due to my nervousness. LOL! The view from up top was scenic, unless you're afraid of heights, like me. I remembered saying I will not look down, and James was telling me, "you're already up here, of course you should look at everything, including down". Oh my, so I did, thinking I'd get past the nervousness. How very wrong of me. *cringe*

We were again briefed by the guide at station two (tower), and had our safety gear clipped on to the hanging ropes for safety while waiting for our turns. They're super nice, 'cause they actually let me calm myself and assured me it was 100% safe, etc. (obviously Precious, otherwise you wouldn't have been allowed to go, har har har). James was the first to go, and then myself. 


James: I'm ready!

Ah, you see, that's him. Bet he had a huge smile plastered on his face.

and finally, yours truly. Very poised even though I was dangling in the air.

The feeling of being in the air was totally different, yes, I had my safety nets (I know, it is gears, but you get what I mean right) and my feet were clutching onto my sandals tight. We were warned about the possibilities of our sandals etc slipping off, so uhm, yeah. 

Closer shot of yours truly. ;)

The 3rd station.

While gliding through the air towards the third station, across the river, there are already 4 staff members ready to catch you upon your arrival. When you get to the third station, you'll stop abruptly while still hanging in the air (we were warned about this earlier, so I wasn't surprised. duh Precious)  before the staffs help you down and transfer you to the other cable to prepare you for the trip back to the fourth and final station. I was still pretty much excited, because I was going for the second glide back to safety. :D

The final station!

The arrival at the final station is pretty much the same as the third one, except that this time we're on ground. Far less intimidating. *huge smile*

Last photo with the team!!! Super nice people!

Thank you Zip Borneo (Asia Ability) for hosting us, I really enjoyed the 15 minutes experience of flying. Hopefully next time we'll get to do more! :)

P/S: Zip Borneo provides other activities as well, kindly visit their website for more information.

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